About Me


My name is Cheryl McAskill

I am married to a good man; I refer to him as Mr. Hubster!

This man came with 2 children; I became a stepmom.

Many moons later…we are grandparents to 2 beautiful granddaughters!

The girls are in there 20’s and STILL want to spend time with us!

We are Blessed!

I am busy with the Garden Club, here in our gated community

 I am a past President (yup, during COVID too!)

I now serve on 3 different Committees:

Craft Fair Raffle Baskets– raising funds for our scholarship award.

Bus Trip- annual trip to a botanical garden, lunch, and shopping.

Scholarship Committee– reading/reviewing applicants for our scholarship fund

I am starting to get busy with my Church.

Post COVID, we are now getting back to the ‘Community Outreach’ programs!

I also attend a “women’s crafter’s” night, 3rd Monday’s each month!

It’s a ‘bring whatever you’re working on’ thing!

I also teach a Card Class on the first Wednesdays of the months!

Here in my gated community, I’m up to 12 ladies!

In my free time, I work on Cards for Family and friends!

I wrote on this Blog for several years daily. It was a lot of work and time killer!

I will try to keep up, but not daily.

When I get the opportunity to share…I will!

I have challenged myself to try and do this often.