Happy New Year!

2021 happy new year

Hello All!

It has been quite awhile since I posted here.

Since the COVID-19 shutdowns/restrictive use

and re-shutdowns/restrictive uses…

…It’s been a bit crazy here too!

I decided to get the much needed knee replacements done,

while everything is on shutdown/restricted use.

On October 19th, I had my right knee replaced.

I did 8 weeks of PT, I scheduled to get

my left knee replaced on December 14th.

Exactly 8 weeks after the right knee!

I wasn’t going anywhere due to the COVID-19

limitations for travel. I did my part…

I stayed home!

No visits up North.

After the uptick in numbers after Thanksgiving…

…this family played it safe, so as not to contribute to

the possible spreading of this virus.

I want this Virus done and over with!

Thank you Lord for the vaccine…now it needs to get to all!

It looks like possibly Early Fall before we can say it is finally over!

So although 2020 is finally over…we still have a ways to go in 2021

before we see a real significance in change, from this COVID-19.

Be patient people.

We can do this…we just have to set aside the selfishness of

instant gratification and resign ourselves to protecting others,

than just ourselves. We can do this!

So as I go through my PT with this knee replacement,

let’s all work our part in helping to eradicate this Virus and get

back to our old normal!

Until I get into the Craft room, again…

Blessings to you ALL for 2021!


Happy Halloween!

Hello All!

I am doing well…the knee replacement surgery, went well.

I am recuperating. My home therapists are pleased with my progress.

I see the Doc for post-op on Tuesday.

The following week, I start the out-patient Physical Therapy (PT)

I am scheduled all the way up to New Year’s Eve!

I also can cancel if those dates will not be needed.

They told me it was easier to schedule all now, than later.

Easier to cancel than schedule! They are a busy place!

I feel like I am progressing. I still get very sore and antzy if I go too long

without the meds. I tried cutting them in half, to no avail.

The Doc reassured me that the meds also help with the healing of the knee!

I do the exercises daily…I want this knee to work better than before!!!

The Doc was right…he wasn’t my friend for the first week after the surgery!

Because I expected, what he said, I won’t cross him off the Christmas Card list!

I will try to keep you all posted with more updates!

But, all in all, I am doing well!

Until the the next Post…Blessings to you ALL!

So Sorry, it has been awhile…

Hello Friends!

It has been a long time since you all have heard or seen anything from me…

The knees are to blame.

It has taken all my time, just to ready for my Card Classes.

I had to cancel the November Class and then divide those Cards, between

the months of October and December!

The Ladies in my Class , for October, put together 6 different Card styles,

instead of 4 different Card styles.

Instead of going home with eight cards…for October (and then again in December)

These lovely Ladies will go home with 12 Cards (2 each of 6 different styles)

for those two months! I divided November’s Class!

I go into the hospital tomorrow for a Right Knee Replacement.

It will be awhile before I can get back into the craft room.

Because, once I am up and doing well…I will schedule to get the

Left Knee Replacement!

Once I am back to a new normal…I will hit the ground running!

Hopefully, literally too! (well, walking fast! LOL!)

I had to get the 3 months of Cards prepared, before I go into the hospital!

I hope by December, I can get back to making the cards for January’s Class!

Meanwhile, I will be working on crocheting…I don’t have to stand for a long time!

It gives me the chance to work on afghans for 2 of my Sisters!

Thanks for staying tuned and staying onboard.

I do apologize for no posts, but I look forward to getting back,

as soon as I am well, to stand for a long period of time, again!

Thank you for your patronage!

I ask for your prayers for a good surgery, prayers for the physician,

prayers for his surgical team, prayers I get well with determination!

AND mostly for Mr. Hubster…he’s going to need those prayers!

Until the next Post…

God’s Blessings on you ALL!

Getting to Know the NEW WordPress Setup!

Hello All!

Learning how to use the NEW WordPress Editor for the blog here!

It’s not like I don’t have time for a lot…but a NEW way to blog? Really?

I just found out I can switch to the ‘Classic’ way of blogging…but…I have

to make sure I click on it, to set it up, each time I go to write!

I had to print out the ‘how’, so I can read and do each time I write!

I apologize for lots of delays.

I am working on my Card Class Cards…I have the 2 Christmas Cards

to design and to make the kits!

I did get the other two Cards made up and kits made!

I have been running around looking for Clorox or Lysol Wipes.

There are none to be found here in New Bern, NC.

I am trying to get a couple to have on hand for cleaning.

I use them to clean my bathrooms.

But, I guess you have to get up early and get to the stores,

at an ungodly hour of the morning, to be the first in line, to be able

to purchase them, if they come into stock at the local stores.

I did get a package of TP, Paper Towels,

Hand Sanitizer, gloves and masks last month.

I’m not hoarding, but I am keeping one in reserve, for these items.

I have always done that, shopping!

When I open the last package, I replace it immediately.

It is what saved our butts, literally and figuratively,

last Mar, Apr, and May!

I do wish this COVID-19 thing would be over…if everyone

would put themselves in a mandatory mask wearing and

total social distancing, I think we would be able to get this under control.

But…I see the people in stores with no masks, the Spring breaks, Holidays,

and Protests, and Back-to-College Frat and Sorority Parties…we will never be free of it?

People need to get themselves in check.

We are a ‘social’ people, but we need to learn to be ‘alone’, together.

What happened to Social Media?

You couldn’t get people’s noses out of their screens…do it again.

I’d rather my family be noses to the screen, than in person!

Keep following the 3 W’s…

Wear Your Mask

Wash Your Hands

Wait at a 6′ Social Distance

I need a haircut, pedicure and a manicure, bad!

But mine and Mr. Hubster’s Health is more important.

I will have to do my own thing (not the hair!)

I can wait, can you?

Are we so ingrained and too vain to just let things be?

We all have a vice and I guess mine is the

Card Class.

We do mask ourselves.

I’m doing something NEW the next Class…

I am going to keep the Ladies at the Social distance…

I will keep them at their spot on a table and bring their

kit, with a sample card, physically to them to assemble!

I think it would be safer than the ladies,

switching tables, to get to the Card.

I will bring the Card to them, so they don’t have to

pack up and move to the next table, that someone else sat at, to work.

I set up the tables, wipe them down

with the disinfectant spray and paper towels.

(supplied by the POA)

I put down grid paper and the stamp sets and ink pads

will still be shared (I only own one of each!)

When the Class is over, I push the tables back to

the way the POA set them up and Re-Wipe the tables

and the Chairs!

I guess we are all on the edge and tired of it all…

…we need to stick it out folks!

We will get back there…when? I don’t know.

I think we will go through another dark spot,

before it will be all over.

I pray you all are keeping yourselves safe.

One good thing…where I live, I haven’t heard

of anyone being positive for COVID-19 here!

This is very GOOD NEWS!

The average age of the people who live here is 65!

We have about 2000 homes in the Community.

We are all working to keep it this way too!

Well, I’ve vented enough today!

Thank you for letting me spout!!!

Please think before you go out…Stay Safe!

Until the next Post…Blessings and SAFE wishes to you ALL!

A Little Poppy Parade Fun!

Hello Folks!

After playing with another Card for Card Class…remember, I had 4 kits of each card

left over, that means 8 cards of each!!!!

This is the original Card from Class!


Here is the inside of the original Card!


Simple inside!

Here are my Revamps of this Card!


I added some bling to this Card!

A little different inside!


Clean and Simple!

I then decided to make 2 of the kits, Birthday Cards!


I did add Bling here too!

Here is the inside!


Overall, it wasn’t a bad revamp!

I still have 2 more card leftovers to Revamp!

That is 4 kits of each card, equals, 8 cards, each card kit!

I will Post them when they are done!


Until the next Post…Blessings and Love to you ALL!