It’s been a long, long time…

Hello All!

This has been a course in stamina for me! I am learning how to prioritize my time…I do not seem to be succeeding in this endeavor, but I have Faith I will get there, eventually!

COVID has really changed a lot of ways of how the world operates on a day-to-day basis. None of us are immune to those changes. There are many “New” Normal’s. We aren’t getting back to normal but adjusting to the ‘New’ Normals!

With all that said…I am aiming to get back to some of the things I enjoyed doing, ‘pre’ COVID! I hope all of you are too! I made a decision to live as normal as I did before COVID and not live in fear of COVID. Oh! I will still don a mask going into the ‘Petry’ dishes of shopping, i.e., Walmart! Sorry, don’t be offended, but some people just aren’t any more conscious of clean, than before COVID! I became a worse neat freak since COVID!

I ended my term as President of the Garden Club here. BUT I am heading up 2 Committee Chairs. One for our fund-raiser of Craft Fair Raffle Baskets! We had our first showing and ticket sales at the Craft Fair on October 15, 2022. The next showing will be at the November Garden Club Meeting, where the Garden Club Members can purchase tickets, before the meeting. We will draw the 3 winners for A Spa Basket, a Wine and Cheese Basket, and a Future Wine (Grape Vine and along with that, a bottle of wine!) I will get a bit of a rest, then my other Committee Chair is the Annual Bus Trip for the Garden Club Members, in the Spring (April). I have selected a destination and in the process of securing the Bus, to figure out the cost per person, for the trip! All proceeds from these Raffle Baskets goes towards our Scholarship Fund. Our Garden Club awards one student/candidate $1000. The student must be in study for farming, horticulture, forestry, or agriculture. Many of these students are the sons and daughters of Farmers.
We need to keep our Farmers going, to feed us as a nation!

The Bus Trip is usually a destination to a Botannical/Floral Garden, a place to eat (all pay their own meal), and a place to shop! I will let you know when I finalize the Trip!

I will be sharing my cards; I have been working on! I am going to try to keep up with sharing, more often. COVID really put the brakes on for me! My Card Class has grown from 6 ladies to 12! I am keeping busy with the Class. A lot of pre-cutting for the kits. I prep 14 Kits, of which one kit is pre-assembled, for a visual aid to copy! I always make a spare, in case someone new, may appear for Class! We do not want to send them away!

Starting with the December Class, we will be going back to the ladies doing their own stamping, since I won’t fear passing around the Ink Pads! COVID stopped that, but…baby steps! So far, I have one set of cards that they only have to assemble (I forgot when I was prepping the kit, oh well?). The other 3 Cards, they will have to stamp, themselves! I may also start bringing in the Big Shot for them to die cut and emboss their own card items, depending on the type of Card they will be making! We shall see…again, baby steps to the ‘old’ normal! Perhaps doing that in January, a new year!

I am also getting more involved with my Church too! Many activities that are reaching out to the Communities, around us! I am feeling more able to do this too! My plate is full!

I also am taking good care of Mr. Hubster. His health isn’t the best, but we persevere! He is dealing with his issues since having Colo-rectal cancer. He has been cancer free for 9 years now, he has issues to deal with since the treatments and surgery. He was lucky not have to wear a bag, but there are still those lingering issues he must deal with, and he is learning and coping, his way.

I will do my best to try and upkeep this, Blog. I hope to keep you posted on my ‘card therapy’! After all, Cardmaking IS cheaper than Therapy!

Many Blessings to you all…till the next post!