It’s Been A Long, Long Time…

Hello All!

It has been a long time since I’ve been here.

Many don’t know how much time it takes to sit down here

and make and then type up cards and such everyday!

The Pandemic had me working on other things, while homebound!

I Crocheted 4 afghans! Oh, yes I did!

I first made one for Mr. Hubster. It is beautiful! (and heavy!)

I then proceeded to crochet 2 at once, for 2 of my Sisters.

They both requested my squares afghan (regular is 64 squares).

The last one was a shell stitch with multi-colored yarn for another Sister!

At the end of this month, I will be traveling up North for ‘Sister’s Week’!

These are my gifts to my 3 Sisters! I also have several other items for them too!

We exchange gifts with each other to cover, Birthday and Christmas!

I have to admit, I feel like a kid on Christmas morning!

It’s so cool to open our gifts to each other, with each other!

We do seem to relive our Christmas’ Past!

I will return on the weekend of the 4th-What? Am I crazy?

Well, I will driving one of my Sister’s back home to WV.

Spend the night and leave early the next morning to head home to NC!

In September, my BFF, Dixie will drive from Texas to NC.

She will stay a couple of days here and then off to RI, we will drive!

We will be attending our 50th High School Reunion!

This will be the last one I will attend! Only doing this for the 2 ‘girlfriends’!

A good excuse to visit and have some fun!

After the Reunion, we will head up to Maine to visit a friend of Mr. Hubster and mine.

We will spend a night , or two, then head down to Mystic Connecticut.

We both have never been to the Mystic Aquarium.

We will do so then! We will spend a night or two there…

Then finally, we will drive back home to NC.

Dixie will stay several days to recoup and then head back to Texas.

It’s going to be a great time with Dixie! We always have fun together!

I am serving another year as President of the Community’s Garden Club here!

I had to be voted in for this year, since I didn’t really serve last year, due to the

Pandemic’s shutdown of all activities here, in the Community.

The By-Laws state a President can only serve 2 consecutive years.

After one year passes, then can serve again, if they wish, and are voted in, by the membership.

I had to send out a flyer to all the members for permission, and to be voted into Office.

For a 2/3’s majority, I needed 42 votes. I got in with 43 votes! Only by one!!!

The rest of the membership voted aye at the meeting, it was unanimous!

We will install our new Board Monday, June 14, 2021

So as you can see, I’ve been busy and remain so, too!

I haven’t given up cards. I have a monthly Card Class that I am

busy with, making Card Kits for the Ladies.

I have had to make up all the kits for Class, up to and through October,

because of being out of town, these 2 trips coming up!

I had to get July’s Class ready, since I will be returning on July 5th and

Class is on July 7th! Then I had to get September’s Card Kits done, since Class will

be on September 1st and I will be leaving for RI on the 5th. I will return on the 15th

of September…had to get October’s Class done, since I will not have enough time

to get 10 Card Kits made up for the October Class, on the 6th!

While I was getting those Cards done, I went ahead and got ALL the months made up!

I have 2 of the 4 Card Kits made up for November!

I am waiting for the NEW Catalog to come out to see what is coming about for

the Holiday’s! I love the Holiday’s!

November and December’s Card Classes are strictly Christmas Card Classes!

The Ladies in Class make 2 each of 4 different Cards. I have 8 Ladies for Class.

I try to make up 10 kits, 2 for samples for the Ladies to put together!

Next Year, I will be going back to the Ladies stamping their own Cards!

I will make up the Kits, pre cut, but all stamping will be theirs to stamp!

For this year, due to COVID-19, I did all the stamping and any coloring.

I wasn’t able to pass around ink pads and pens during the Pandemic.

Now that all are immunized, we can get back to normal!

Last month was the first time we we able to gather, without masks! Aaaah!

I hope you all are well, and have survived this Pandemic.

I think, now I know where the saying

“What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.”

I do believe the truth is there, it sound harsh, but it is reality.

We have made it through, now we are as strong as the previous generations

before us, who went through Pandemics and World Wars, the Great Depression and survived.

They came out stronger and more resilient to what is thrown their way.

I believe we now can too!

I wish you ALL Many Blessings, Hugs and Love!

Until we meet again….

Let me know what you think!