Happy New Year!

2021 happy new year

Hello All!

It has been quite awhile since I posted here.

Since the COVID-19 shutdowns/restrictive use

and re-shutdowns/restrictive uses…

…It’s been a bit crazy here too!

I decided to get the much needed knee replacements done,

while everything is on shutdown/restricted use.

On October 19th, I had my right knee replaced.

I did 8 weeks of PT, I scheduled to get

my left knee replaced on December 14th.

Exactly 8 weeks after the right knee!

I wasn’t going anywhere due to the COVID-19

limitations for travel. I did my part…

I stayed home!

No visits up North.

After the uptick in numbers after Thanksgiving…

…this family played it safe, so as not to contribute to

the possible spreading of this virus.

I want this Virus done and over with!

Thank you Lord for the vaccine…now it needs to get to all!

It looks like possibly Early Fall before we can say it is finally over!

So although 2020 is finally over…we still have a ways to go in 2021

before we see a real significance in change, from this COVID-19.

Be patient people.

We can do this…we just have to set aside the selfishness of

instant gratification and resign ourselves to protecting others,

than just ourselves. We can do this!

So as I go through my PT with this knee replacement,

let’s all work our part in helping to eradicate this Virus and get

back to our old normal!

Until I get into the Craft room, again…

Blessings to you ALL for 2021!