A Little Poppy Parade Fun!

Hello Folks!

After playing with another Card for Card Class…remember, I had 4 kits of each card

left over, that means 8 cards of each!!!!

This is the original Card from Class!


Here is the inside of the original Card!


Simple inside!

Here are my Revamps of this Card!


I added some bling to this Card!

A little different inside!


Clean and Simple!

I then decided to make 2 of the kits, Birthday Cards!


I did add Bling here too!

Here is the inside!


Overall, it wasn’t a bad revamp!

I still have 2 more card leftovers to Revamp!

That is 4 kits of each card, equals, 8 cards, each card kit!

I will Post them when they are done!


Until the next Post…Blessings and Love to you ALL!

Let me know what you think!