Hello All!

Yes, I have been MIA…!

After getting back from my trip and trying to catch up with all that I have to do here…

…time has just flown by and I’ve not even been in the Craft Room,

except to sweep the floor!

I had time for the Card Class Cards (which will be the story thus far!)

I did make an appt. with the Knee specialist.

He agreed that I do need knee replacement, both knees!

He feels I qualify for the ‘staged’ surgeries, for both knees.

This means, I go in on a Friday and have, say my right knee replaced,

then go back in on Monday and have the left knee replaced.

Kind of like, both knees at once,

I feel, down for one, down for two.

We know that because of my commitments,

this will be put off for a year, for now.

I told him it gives him time to play the ‘insurance tango’!

So, before I left, he gave me a steroid shot in each knee.

OMG! it was so good to feel no pain!

Too bad it only lasted for 3 days!

I see him again in 6 weeks.

I also have been working around the COVID-19 extension

of Phase 2, here in NC, for another 5 weeks.

Phase 2 allows for 10 people in our building/rooms.

Phase 3 will allow 25 people…which 25 do you pick from a group of 50-100?

We are dealing month to month right now.

Personally, I feel we all need to go back to Phase 1 again, until Jan.

Maybe then, people will stay home, go out only for groceries,

and mandatory mask wearing for ALL, when you do have to go out!

Maybe then we can finally rid this country of this Virus!

I don’t know about you all, but I don’t leave home without my mask!

I keep a spare in the car, should I forget…Thankfully that hasn’t happened, yet!

I know it’s hard, we are social people,

but we do need to get rid of this virus,

once and for all.

I will get back here to all of you, when I have a card to post.

I am also trying to learn the new camera…it isn’t easy at all!

So, take care and stay safe…

Remember the 3 W’s:

Wear your mask

Wash your hands

Wait at a safe social distance of 6′

We are in this together, and only together, separately,

we will be able to eradicate this virus!


Until the next Post…Blessings and Love to you All!


Let me know what you think!