Vacation Time, Let-Down, is Over!

Hello All!

I apologize for my MIA status…I went up to RI for a Visit, as

you all have last read…Sister’s Weekend, my Kids and Grands,

and a visit with Friends too!

I ended up staying, several days more!

I stayed with my sister Linda and her hubby Bill.

I had a great time with them!

As you read the last posts (all done ahead of my visit to RI)

You thought I was home!!!

I got back on July 15th, late.

It has taken a bit over a week to get back into my routine.

Mr. Hubster didn’t travel with me up to RI.

Mr. Hubster was here in NC, bacheloring it!

(need I say more?)

When I got back I had to do food shopping, laundry and cleaning.

And then I just had to rest up. I did hit a wall!

This visit was too much to do, in so little time!

I will have to plan better!

Next time I go up to visit, it will not be jam-packed.

Early mornings, late nights, make for many long days.

The drive is long, but very doable,

I do much thinking when I make the drive.

I try to organize my thoughts and deeds!

Hopefully next year, this COVID-19 will be over!

This made for a lot of change in the visits!

I survived the trip!

I am now, just, getting back into the Craft Room!

It felt good to get back there!

Thank you for remaining loyal and just know

I appreciate you all!

Until the next Post…Blessings and Love to you ALL!

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