Monday, Monday…!

Hello All!

Yes, it is Monday and it is raining here.

It will be an all day event!

We have Tropical Storm Arthur off our Coast

here in NC.

It’s a dreary day today.

I read my paper, did my puzzles,

went online to order from Walmart,

pick-up tomorrow morning!

I have to run out to mail a package for Mr Hubster.

I placed the trash barrel in the driveway behind his car!

My Car is clear, so…I get to go out!

I didn’t want to walk on the grass to place the barrel,

it is too wet!

For the past 2 days I have been cutting out

and making my Father’s Day Cards!

I have another set to make up and cut out today.

I will probably spend the day tomorrow

putting them all together and stamping

or trimming the insides of all the Cards!

I will start to do that, after I get back from

picking up my groceries from Walmart.

I had a request, from one of my lovely

Card Class Ladies, to purchase a Father’s Day Card!

I told her I would notify her when they are done.

She then, can come over and pick out one, or two, to buy.

I will also notify the rest of the Ladies from the

Card Class, to see if they would like to come

and purchase a Card, or two!

I know some of you are subscribed here…

…I will send an email to you all, when the cards

are all put together!

I am sorry no Card today, but I have been in the

The Craft Room working!

I work until the knees start to act up,

then I go sit down to rest them,

so, I work on the afghan I am crocheting!

I have to always be doing something!

My Mother told me I was one not to sit still!

Mom said I was a hyper one!

Hey, I was a preemie…

I guess I was in a hurry to come into this world!

Believe me, I’m not in a hurry to leave it! LOL!

Well, off to the PO I go, Cheerio!

Until the next Post…Blessings to you ALL!


Let me know what you think!