Had to Take Another Knee Rest!

Hello Friends!

Thank you for your patience and your loyalty to visiting this site!

 I do appreciate you peeking in!

I’ve been a little MIA…I apologize.

I spent 3 consecutive days power-washing

the Deck, the front entrance steps and walkway,

and then the whole house!

Mr. Hubster did the ‘peaks’ I couldn’t reach!

With his ‘issues’ since his Colo-Rectal Cancer ‘surgery and radiation’,

there is a lot he cannot do anymore.

He keeps attempting to do more, but then the ‘issues’ kick in

and he cannot do it all.

I will do them and I will call him out to do what I can’t, and

that is just enough for him to feel useful, before his ‘issues’

get the best of him. We do what we have to do!

We do what works for us and we are working with it all.

The house really needed to get done!

I was sweating the ‘nasty-gram’ from our POA here!

Yup, they do sort of ‘cite’ you if don’t keep up!

We eked by that one…one good thing from the COVID-19 shutdown!

So I will be working on some graduation cards for my sister.

She needs 5 cards and I need one!

I will get them together today and I will share them

with you ALL!

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

I do need the rest, after an undertaking, like power-washing

the deck, front entry, and the rest of the house!

Later, I will have to do the driveway!

When it warms up again!

This Polar Vortex has brought real cool weather to the South!

I do not want to be playing with power-washing when it is Cold out!

Until the next Post…Blessings and Prayers for you ALL!


Let me know what you think!