It is Not The Bees Knees!

Hello Friends!

Spent the whole day yesterday Crocheting…Yup! Bad Knee Day!

Just saw an advertisement for a knee Dr. in Morehead City, NC.

He is a Sports Medicine Specialist in Knees.

They are advertising ‘Virtual’ Appointments.

I am going to contact my Primary Physician and see

who she recommends, first.

I’m not at all impressed with what I have seen

here for knee specialists.

A few people here have had their knees

replaced and aren’t doing that well.

So I may have to look towards the bigger area.

More Doctors there, than here.

My endocrinologist is in Morehead City.

It is about an hour away from New Bern.

Had to go out and return the knee brace from

Amazon, I got it Thurs. and it was a Child’s Brace!

It would only wrap about half-way around my leg!!!

While out, I swung by the grocery store and picked up

Milk, bread, eggs, lunchmeat, and laundry detergent,

softener and bleach.

I did laundry the other day and used up what I had!

I masked and gloved up!

Used the hand Sanitizer liberally!!

The gloves, car, and my cane!

All in all, we are fine here, so far!

Just Skyped the Grand-girls…so sad,

We all came to the conclusion that there will

be no visit from them this year.

With everything up in the air with this COVID-19

We really can’t push it way later.

Several reasons…

Their work schedules will change when all it all gets back to normal,

I have to address my knee situation this Fall too.

They have decided that when all gets back to a livable ‘normal’ again,

We will plan a visit, again!

This is the ‘New Normal’ and we are learning to live with it!

We’re sad to not be seeing them this year,

but better safe and healthy than not safe and healthy!

OK…I’ve moaned and groaned enough!

Actually I am feeling a bit better, Thank you!

I guess this was a virtual “session” LOL!

Blessings to you ALL till the next Posting!



Let me know what you think!