A ‘Knee Issue’ is Getting Me Down…!

Hello ALL!

I had had issues with my right knee, I’ve had some problems for awhile.

The Dr. mentioned a long while ago about knee replacement.

I had then,  just had a BIG Major Surgery to my back,

I was not ready to go under the knife yet, again, too soon!

I woke up the other day with this and It just hasn’t got better.

Right now is not the time to visit the Dr.!!!!!

I am doing Ibruprophen and icing and heat.

Some days it feels better the others.

When it feels better, I play in the Craft Room!

If not, then I sit and Crochet, to rest up the knee.

I’ve ordered a Knee Immobilizer

from Amazon, it will be in Saturday, and I wish SOONER!!

In the past, when I have just immobilized the knee,  and it got better!

I will try the Brace for 3-4 days and see if it works, again!

If a no go, THEN I will call the Dr.’s Office and

get information as to what to do for now!

I honestly believe what I am doing now

is what I will be instructed to continue doing,

until this pandemic has passed!

I will make Cards when I am not in pain and able to stand on the legs!!!

If in pain…I’ll sit out and Crochet!

I only ask for prayers for a healing! Thank You!

Blessing to you ALL, till the next Post!

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