I’m Here and I’m Well!

Hello Everyone!

Happy Sunday!

It feels ODD not going to Church.

The Facebook connection, just isn’t the same at all!


I am sorry I have been MIA for a good span of time.

My Brother, Jim came up from his trip to Florida

and stopped here to stay for several days.

He ended up staying a whole week!

We both were concerned of any exposure to the Virus he may have had in FL.

After a week, showing no symptoms (the guide said it would show by day 3 or 4)

He then left to go home to RI. He missed his Grands and dogs!

From his time in FL and here in NC, he was away from his home, 1 month!

It was so good to have him visit!

My Brother Jim is not one to sit still!

He volunteered to do some things that needed to be done

here at my home, that Mr. Hubster can’t do anymore.

I guess you can call it what my Sister called it…A Honey-Do List!


  1.           A piece of my siding’s edging blew off in a storm (not the Hurricane!).

He put that up for me!


2.               I had purchased a new kitchen sink with faucet and 3 bathroom faucets

2 years ago, they were sitting in my garage…

He installed the 3 bathroom faucets for me!

After several trips to Lowe’s for parts, and exchanging the wrong parts…

Jim installed the faucets…Good thing he did!

Mr. Hubster and I would have never been able to do it!

He squeezed into a 10″ opening to install all three faucets!

2 in the Master Bath and 1 in the guest bath!

Poor baby, had a bruise on his right side chest

and under arm from the cabinet edges.

We padded him with many towels, but not padded enough!

He will return after this COVID-19 thing is over,

to install the kitchen sink!

There is way more room, to work in for that, too!

He will swing by my home, after he goes to visit my Sister in WV,

 that he had to forgo, because of the COVID-19


     3.                      I flipped on the kitchen light and it didn’t go on.

                                     It is a fluorescent light with the old ballasts.

Jim suggested a new LED light, We bought, and he installed that!

When he comes back to install the kitchen sink, I may have him install

a new LED light in the laundry room, get rid of that ‘Fluorescent’ lighting!


4.                    My ‘bridge’ had floated across the creek to the other side,

during Hurricane Florence (2 yrs ago)!

All three of us worked on that!

Mr. Hubster and I couldn’t do it by ourselves at all.

We used the ‘rider mower’ to pull it into place.

My brother cut some 2″ x 4″ x 8′ into 2′ lengths

and drove them into the ground on an angle,

at each corner of the ‘bridge’,

and screwed them into the ends of the ‘bridge’.

It shouldn’t move now!!!

We also had raised the ‘bridge’ a couple of inches, with cinder blocks

and we used the half cinder blocks on the ends.

we also had to go buy pavers to sit under the lip of the ‘bridge’ ends…

…Mr. Hubster has to cross the ‘bridge’ with the mower to mow

the other side of the ‘bridge’!

(the two rows of pavers will enable Mr. Hubster to get

up on the ‘bridge’ ends to cross to the other side, to mow!)

While Jim worked on the bridge, I took my chainsaw

and cut back the tree that had fallen across the opening

to the path I like to walk.

(I could now, cross the Creek/Ditch,

using the bridge, to cut down the tree!)

It is so nice to have that access again!

Thank you Jim for all you did!

We both, Mr. Hubster and I, are so appreciative, of all Jim did for us!

We volunteered to pay for his hotel room for the night, for

his travel back up North, he wouldn’t take it.

He said ‘Family helps Family’ and he was glad he could help!

He also said…he makes more money than us!

We bought all the supplies, he did the labor.

I am grateful for ALL he did!

My Thanks is running down my cheeks as I type this.

I have started to work on some cards!

I had bought some 12 X 12 DSP from the Stamp & Craft Expo last year,

I have been using them up to make some cards!

I also was given many Card bases and envelopes

from a Lady at Church to make Cards for her Card Ministry.

I have been working on those too!

I will Post all to share soon!


Until the next Post…

Stay Home,

Wash your Hands, frequently

6′ social-distance from others,

and don’t hoard the toilet paper or other paper products…others need some too!

I went to buy napkins for my table…NONE!

What is with that?

TP and Paper products don’t cure COVID-19 folks!



Blessings and Be Kind to Others, we are all in this together!






Let me know what you think!