A Mini Break…but NOT for long!!!!

Hello Friends!

So sorry, I haven’t posted for a bit…I have been busy!

My BFF from High School, Dixie…left Sunday morning.

Along with doing my laundry and regular house cleaning…you know

you don’t do that when friends are in town!

You do it before they come and then again after they leave!

All the other time is spent with them!

Outside of house cleaning and laundry on Sunday, I had to get ready for my

Garden Club Meeting for Monday morning.

I had to get the Agenda made up and e-mailed to the Board Members!

Monday was the meeting and the usual gab-fest, after the meeting!!

Had to make a run to Walmart and pick up a few items.

Came back home and cooked dinner and cleaned up…

still haven’t made it to the Craft Room!!

Had to go out again this am, met up with a woman from church…

The woman had some cardstock and envelopes to give me.

She is in charge of a ministry of cards and the papers came from

another woman, who is moving away.

Spent time matching up cardstock with the envelopes.

I have 75 Kraft envelopes and about 48 White envelopes, leftover!

I already cut cardstock to match up with other envelopes!

I think we are in cards for the church for a bit!

I am also trying to push myself to work on the cards for the next Card Class too!

It is already the 10th and the next class is April 1st!

20 days to make up 96 cards! I just broke out in a sweat writing this…!

All that aside, I still need to make cards for the Post…So, I

am asking for a bit of time here to get my stuff together!

I need to get all done, my brother is coming in for a couple of days

He will be traveling back from FL to RI via a stop here in NC and then

over to WV to visit our sister Michele.

Then back home to RI…the other 2 sisters live in RI!

(in the same town as my brother!)

A big breath and on I go!

Blessings to you ALL, until the next Post!

Let me know what you think!