Ready for Warmer Weather?

Hello All!

Are you ready for warmer weather? I am!

We were teased with balmy weather that ended about a week ago.

It has been so cold. My energy level is on a big halt!

I know it is cold every where, but truth be told…so spoiled with

the great weather we had…I told Mr Hubster that we should have moved further South.

But from what I understand…Florida is cold too! Oh well.

I will be getting back on here starting tomorrow. I have finished with

all rescheduled Dr.’s Office visits (annual checkups and stuff).

Still have a mammogram for next month!

The new shelf unit is in the craft room and I have rearranged the room!

Oh my, I was dead on with all the measurements!

The unit fits, snugly, but it fits!

Chat later!

I woke up yesterday with ANOTHER COLD!

I feel miserable! I just got over a cold, just before Christmas!

I told Mr. Hubster that I am going to wear a mask the next time I go to the Dr.’s Office.

The last one kicked my butt, this is bothering me now!

Oh well, it is what it is! This too, shall pass!

Until the next Post…Blessings and Health to you ALL!


2 thoughts on “Ready for Warmer Weather?”

  1. Try taking zinc. This is the first year I made it through Dec and Jan. Cold free. Prevention is still questionable but I know it helped me. Our son swears by it. He works in a Petri dish

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