A Pause in the Action for Family…

Hello Friends, Stampers, and Peepers!


As I said in yesterday’s Post…I will be taking some time off for

the Christmas Rush…change of plans.

My Sister-in-Law Anita, who I’ve been sending all the Get Well cards…

…Anita has been put on Hospice Care. She is deteriorating rapidly.

I’ve been on a Major rush to get all done.

I have got all my Christmas Cards addressed and mailed,

all the gifts wrapped and boxed.

When I get word, I will be off to RI for a funeral.

I hate that it is at this time of year.

But there is never a really good time at all, is there?

I must say, I have been blessed in my life to have known this wonderful woman.

Her smile bathed you in love! She always had a twinkle in her eyes when she smiled!

Anita was a good Mother to her boys. They had 3 Sons.

2 of the Boys gave her each a Grandson, one just recently as last month.

We have pics of her getting to hold him, and cooing the Grandmother Love.

Anita said she was sad that she wouldn’t be able

to watch her Grand-sons grow up.

I ask all of you for prayers for my Brother, Jim and her 3 sons,

Christopher, Richard and Steven.

Anita’s parents lived next door them.

Anita’s Dad is taking care of Anita’s Mother, she has Alzheimer’s.

Still in the early phase of it.

She has memories, but a lot of bouts of memory loss, too.

Pray for them too…Gene and Anne.

Thank you for allowing me to ask these prayer requests from you all.

Also, I pray the Lord to bless you all this Holiday Season.


Until the next Post…Blessings and God’s Love to you ALL!

Let me know what you think!