A Quilt Show Weekend!

Hello Friends!

This post is late today…My Sister, Michele,  and her Hubby, Joe,

 from WV, came in for the weekend!

There was a Quilt Show here and I invited her to come.

Her Hubby also wanted to come and see our new place!

So thrilled they were here!

My Sister and I went to the Quilt Show,

looked around at the almost 300 quilts on display!

So beautiful!

My three sisters can sew…I can, but I am not really good at it!

We also bought Raffle tickets for the many baskets

of goodies the were raffling…we put tickets into

2 fabric baskets, 1 yarn basket, and a Tote Bag…

The Tote Bag was 1 of 2, made by one

of the Twin Rivers Quilting Guild Members!


the main Prize was

a Janome Sewing Machine and 2 baskets filled with Fabric

and all other great Quilting tools and accessories.

 We put tickets there too!

We went back to the Quilting show Saturday and waited for the drawing.

We agreed that if either one of us won the Grand Prize…I get the sewing machine,

the rest of the stuff goes to her!

Also the yarn basket was to go to me.

The fabric baskets would go to my Sister!

We didn’t win any thing. Sad Face.

But that was ok.

At least we had fun being together!

Friday was also my Birthday…my sister and I

sat in my Gazebo out back and drank wine.

We also had my Sister Linda, conference call with my

other Sister Mary…we talked and laughed all night!

I also had to call my Grand-daughter back, she called

earlier in the day while we were at the Quilt Show!

I called her back and also talked to her Mother!

Getting up Saturday was a bit tough. The wine flowed to

freely and we both ended up falling into our beds, a little tipsy!

But over all, I had a good time with my sister!

I hated to see her go this morning.

I have spent the day, stripping beds, and doing

laundry, and helping Mr. Hubster change the heating element

on the waterbed. That entails draining the bed and placing all things in place,

refilling the bed and then turning the unit on, and then remaking the bed.

It will be ready soon…I am going to fold the load in the dryer

and put the last load into the dryer. Then I have to start dinner!

So Tata for now (TTFN)!

Until the next Post…Blessings and much Family Love to you ALL!




Let me know what you think!