Hurricane Dorian………..!

I have been MIA, sorry.

The prepping for an impending Hurricane has used up

much of my time. It does take a bit longer to clear my back deck

of furniture and plants…sometimes I think these Hurricanes come

to make me dump all my pots of weary, coming out of season plants!

Mr. Hubster isn’t able to do a lot to help but, he does what he can!

On top of this, I got the oil changed on my vehicle and tires rotated,

in case of evacuation. I also installed the new Fast Passes, for Tolls, in both cars.

After I got the car done, I ended up in Urgent Care…my sinuses, throat, and ears were

bothering me. A change of allergy meds, a nasal spray and Prednisone were prescribed,

along with an antibiotic. Was told to wait a week before the anti-biotic.

Nurse Practitioner said it may be viral, so wait a week, if no improvement,

then start the anti-biotic, if needed. We wanted to get scripts filled,

incase of driving bans, power outages and such.

So while at CVS, I got my FLU shot too!

Health wise, I guess I’m all set for now!!!!

What was thought to be approaching storms last night…NADA!

I cancelled my Card Class because I didn’t want those, who drove a bit of

a distance away, to be stuck driving home in pouring rain…NADA!

I woke early this morning expecting it to be pouring rain…NADA!

At 5am when I got up, the stars were out.

There is a slight breeze outside, but no rain yet. It’s 8am!

The skies have clouds, swirly, but wispy.

The sun is peeking through them…is this the calm before the storm?

My only plans today are:

Laundry & Making Cards

I need to get laundry done before we lose power!

I have several Crafting magazines to peruse

and plenty of books to read too.

If the power is out, simple,

go to bed when it gets dark, get up when it’s light!

I do believe we will be spared much flooding and damage.

Oh, we still will have lots of rain and big yard puddles,

some downed trees but, I think we all here will be spared,

it won’t be like Hurricane Florence, last year.

I told a friend last night, I’d rather err on the side of caution!

So to those in this path of Hurricane Dorian, hunker down!

Those of you who aren’t,

get to your Craft Rooms and start Crafting something!

Don’t know when the next Post will be, depends on any Power Outages!


So…….Until the next Post…Blessings and Prayers to you ALL!


Let me know what you think!