This is the Start of 2 Fun Weeks!

Hello Folks!

Been Busy with the Grand Girls…Yes! they arrived Thursday afternoon!

We did a little shopping for food and snacks…went looking for an ingredient or two

for a Birthday dinner. The eldest Grand girl’s birthday was Friday!

She also picked out what she wanted for a cake, she picked a fruit tart!

Friday we went to the Town of Beaufort, for the Maritime Museum tour and

Beaufort was having their Pirate Festival! After all, the Museum also had a wing

devoted to Blackbeard!

We walked around and saw a few things, stopped and got a bite to eat from a vender,

and from that vender, found out the festival doesn’t really start till 5pm Friday night.

We went into a shop to cool off and did some shopping.

We then had to leave our parking spot (metered parking) drove around the

the corner and went to a cute little café’ and just relaxed there a bit and

 to cool off. The store we shopped in, wasn’t that cool at all! So we got a cold beverage

and a sweet snack and chatted a bit, then, we left to come home.

Today, Saturday, was a sit back and relax day.

We did laundry and just chillaxed!

We had a rain storm come by just before I was going to fix the rest of dinner.

The Friday birthday dinner got pushed to today…well, it didn’t happen!

Besides Rain and some hail, big lightening and thunder, we lost power.

We waited about an hour and then we decided to go out to dinner!

Took the girls to Applebee’s and then when we came home, our

power had been restored! Yay!

I decided to catch you all up on the girls and adventures!

Tomorrow after church, we are going for a spa treat!


We will be all set for the rest of our adventures to visit places!

Stay Tuned…in between all these adventures, I will try hard to get into the

Craft Room…I did today, for 2 different Challenges!

I will get them posted for their respective days.

As what has happened over the last 2 days, things may change!

We are planning, but it all depends on many outside forces…like Thunderstorms!

The only thing I have to say…we didn’t lose power till ALL the laundry was done!

What is up with that?


Until the next Post…Blessings and Adventures to you ALL!










Let me know what you think!