I Survived…Part 2…!

Hello again!

This is the continuation of my Sister’s Week Trip to RI!

 We went to the Christmas Tree Shop!

Oh, I miss that store!

I picked up a rug and a screen door for my Gazebo.

It’s the magnet closure screen door!

I am going to make a ‘bug free’ zone for myself!

I need to get to Lowe’s for the rolls of screening and the staple gun refills!

I also picked up a Bird Bath, I have a Cardinal that is bathing in a sagging

particle board shelf and I need to replace the wood and then set the bowl

onto it for a ‘Stylin’ bird bath!

I found the valences for the Master bedroom and also ‘beachy’

sheer curtains for the Master bath!

We then came home and exchanged our Sister’s gifts to each other!

Got several t-shirts and another hat! Some funny things and just enjoyed!

Michele brought in 2 quilts she is working on for her 2 daughters, just gorgeous!

Sunday, we went to Linda’s Grand-daughter’s engagement party.

We wore our new Sister’s Shirts and matching hats!

Visited, ate and then came back to Mary’s.

Linda had to leave to go home, she had to work on Monday and Tuesday.

We stayed in the ‘bug free’ zone that night.

Monday and Tuesday, we went shopping!

The 3 of us went to Wrentham Outlets in Wrentham, MA.

We hit a sale, 70% off all items in the store that day!

It was the weekend before the 4th of July!

Went to Chile’s for dinner and back to the  ‘bug free’ zone!

Wednesday, Linda joined us again after she got off work.

Back to the bug free zone!

Thursday, the fourth of July…we ate a good breakfast again.

The day turned out to be a hot day…90*F!

My joke, we hit RI for it’s week of Summer! LOL!

We actually had very warm weather while there,

Michele and I brought up the warmth from the South to RI!!

We Chillaxed and cooled off in Mary’s Grand-kids kiddy pool!

What a riot!

We all made ourselves fit it so we could cool our bodies!

It worked! We napped and then went to Mary’s Son, Erik’s

‘in-laws’ for food, we brought foods too!

We visited and ate, we all then piled into 2 pick-up trucks and drove to

Escobar’s Farm…every year Mr. Escobar hires the ‘Pyro’ crew to shoot off

fireworks! He has a large milk can chained out in front of his house,

the to collect donations, year round! The town helps to pay for this show!

It was fabulous! We then returned to the ‘in-laws’ farm and then we

drove back to Mary’s to the zone!

Friday was a day of laundry and packing for 3 of us.

Linda went home late that night, Michele and I packed our cars.

Wen al went to bed early, due to early rise time. 5:30am!

I got up and showered and dressed. I woke up Michele at 6am.

She showered and dressed and then we headed to Dunkin’ Donuts

for coffee and a breakfast wrap. Got coffee to go and hit the road.

We were with each other till CT.

Michele and I parted for our different routes.

I again hit awful traffic, again?

I didn’t get home till 11pm.

I’d call Mr. Hubster and let him know where I was in travel.

I waited till the next day to unload the car.

The time home here has been major, one thing after another!

The vacuum broke and also my iron! Also Mr. Hubster, didn’t grocery shop.

My time has been spent doing catch up around here!

Buying a new vacuum and iron, laundry, cleaning house…I am still not done!

For the first time since I got back…Friday night, the 12th, I got into my Craft room.

I am working on the Graphic45 Cards I started,   at the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo.

Remember, we only had time to make 1 card!

I spent all day just cutting out all the months and putting the pieces into

gallon size Zip lock bags! I did start a couple of cards.

This am Mr. Hubster and I are going to the Marina to check on our boat.

We haven’t used it in awhile and we need to check on it.

We are going to sell it.

Mr. Hubster can’t handle the boat, and I sure can’t either!

I may get back into the Craft room to work on more cards!

So stay tuned, I am just trying to get back into my groove again!

It seems like it is always something!

Again, I will survive!

I have survived Sister’s Week and now I will survive getting

back into some semblance of normalcy! I am still spent

from the trip, but I will persevere!

Just an FYI…I may have some of the days mixed up…totally from memory!

This side note is for the Sisters!!!!!!


Until the next Post…Blessings and Normalcy to you ALL!


Let me know what you think!