I Survived!

Hello All!

Thanks for peeking in today…so sorry, no Card to show, today!

I just got back from the Annual Sister’s Week…!

Every year myself, and my three Sisters get together!

I have 2 sisters that live in RI. The third sister lives in WV, and I live in NC.

I drove up to RI on Wednesday, June 26th. It was a looong drive.

I left at 7:30am and didn’t arrive until 11pm that night!

I ran into unbelievable traffic…it seems like it was a traffic jam from VA to CT.

My sister Mary waited up for me!

We sat out on the back deck, in a screen house, also known as the ‘bug free’ zone!

We sat up and yakked till 4am…also we polished off a bottle of wine!

The next day, Thursday, we both slept in!

I called my kids and set up times to visit them on Friday.

Mary and I then went to the store to get some shopping done for the Sister’s Week.

Came home, put the stuff away and proceeded to the ‘Bug Free’ zone

for more glasses of wine! Went to bed early!

Friday, I picked up my daughter, Tracey and my grand-daughter, Shana.

Drove over to MA and picked up my other Grand-daughter, Lesley.

We went to a Restaurant in Portsmouth, RI for a great breakfast.

The four of us returned to my Daughter’s home and visited for a couple of hours.

I left them, my grand-daughter, Lesley was staying for a visit!

I then went to see my friend Betty, she lost her husband, Ken, about 4 1/2 mos. ago.

Betty’s husband Ken and Mr. Hubster were very good friends.

Mr. Hubster and Ken lived across the street from each other.

Both Ken and Mr. Hubster were previously married to others.

After Mr. Hubster and I were married, I met Ken.

Several mos. later I met his girl-friend Betty. We hit it off!

Ken and Betty were married in my house, when we lived in RI!

I spent a couple of hours with Betty. I wanted to check in with her.

She has many memories in her house and it is getting to her.

Her son and his wife are moving to FL.

Betty is selling her home and going with them.

They will be looking for a home with an ‘in-law’ apartment.

So sad and a helpless feeling for me. I wished her well and hugged her.

Told her to stay in touch.

I then, met up with my Son, Keith and his Fiancée, Mel.

Sat outside with them for a couple of hours to visit!

So happy to see the people I drove up early, to see.

It is now Friday night and the official start to Sister’s Week!

Bid them farewell and drove back to Mary’s house.

We waited for the arrival of Linda, she lives pretty much

around the corner from Mary! She was coming for the weekend!

Linda had to work Monday and Tuesday, she joined back up with us

on the 3rd of July for the rest of the Sister’s weekend!

While the 3 of us were in the ‘bug free’ zone, enjoying some wine and snacks…

The horn toots and Michele has arrived! She has a NEW car! She drove up

with the temp plates on her car! She has a Chevy Traverse!

We get her unloaded and then proceed back to the ‘bug free’ zone,

to chat and laugh and just revel in the company of my sisters!

Saturday’s Highlight, we went into Anthony’s Seafood and had our meals!

I was surprised I didn’t order the Fish and Chips…this time I had

RI Chowder (it’s brothy, not milky!) and Clam Cakes! YUM!

Back to Mary’s and the ‘zone’ for fellowship!


More to come…until the next Post…Blessings to you ALL!


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