Explosion, Pop-Up and Twist Cards!

This was our Last Class/Workshop for the weekend!

We only had time to put the cards together with their

folded paper mechanisms to make them move!


Card #1-Get Well Card! The Pop-Up Card!


The white is a thermometer!


Here is how it looks when opened!


A box of Kleenex and the germ! LOL!


Here is the second Card! The Twist Card!


I added Swarovski Crystals to the cupcake as sprinkles!


Here is how the Card opens!


This is cute!


Card #3-The Explosion Card!


A Coffee Lovers Card!

Here is the Explosion!


There is a place in the back to slip in a Gift Card!


Until the Next Post…Blessings and Excitement to you ALL!

Let me know what you think!