A Recap of Father’s Day Cards!

Hello All!

Wishing All the Father’s out there a

Happy Father’s Day!


Today is a Recap of the Father’s Day Cards I made for

different Challenges and one I ‘CASEd’ from another demonstrator!

CASEd means Copy And Share Everything!

Card #1-CASEd from Angie Juda of Chick n’ Scratch


The only thing different….I used a key instead of a wrench!

below is the simple inside of the Card!



Card #2- Card my Card Class made for their Father’s Day Card!


Similar to Angie’s card, but a bit different on the layout!

The inside of the Card!



Card #3 and #4


I made 2 of each of these, I just loved the layout!

This is the inside of the above Cards (they all had the same innerds!)



Card #5 and #6


This is the original design for a card challenge!

Below, I did a little more to the cards!


I liked this much better than the original!

Here is what the insides look like!



Here are Cards #7 and #8


Another Challenge, same car, just facing opposite directions!

Here is the inside of those Cards!


This was a great way to utilize those half cars on the DSP!


Card #9


The Motorcycle Card! I have 3 brothers that like to ride!

This is the inside of those Cards!



I hope each of the men in your lives, have a Wonderful Father’s Day.

And all the Single Moms…Happy Father’s Day to you too!

Until the next Post…Blessings and ‘Fatherly Love’ from the Lord to you ALL!

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