A Recap of Father’s Day Cards!

Hello All!

Wishing All the Father’s out there a

Happy Father’s Day!


Today is a Recap of the Father’s Day Cards I made for

different Challenges and one I ‘CASEd’ from another demonstrator!

CASEd means Copy And Share Everything!

Card #1-CASEd from Angie Juda of Chick n’ Scratch


The only thing different….I used a key instead of a wrench!

below is the simple inside of the Card!



Card #2- Card my Card Class made for their Father’s Day Card!


Similar to Angie’s card, but a bit different on the layout!

The inside of the Card!



Card #3 and #4


I made 2 of each of these, I just loved the layout!

This is the inside of the above Cards (they all had the same innerds!)



Card #5 and #6


This is the original design for a card challenge!

Below, I did a little more to the cards!


I liked this much better than the original!

Here is what the insides look like!



Here are Cards #7 and #8


Another Challenge, same car, just facing opposite directions!

Here is the inside of those Cards!


This was a great way to utilize those half cars on the DSP!


Card #9


The Motorcycle Card! I have 3 brothers that like to ride!

This is the inside of those Cards!



I hope each of the men in your lives, have a Wonderful Father’s Day.

And all the Single Moms…Happy Father’s Day to you too!

Until the next Post…Blessings and ‘Fatherly Love’ from the Lord to you ALL!

Let me know what you think!