A Much Needed, Day of Rest…!

Hello Friends!

No Card today, my sister left yesterday after about 10 days here visiting. I spent the day doing laundry. She forgot her special pillows, so I had to get them boxed, and to the Post Office. The reason laundry got done! I washed her pillow cases and folded them on top of each pillow, in it’s box. Yes, it took two boxes! I also stripped my bed and changed linens, sitting out with her each night, covering myself in bug spray, because ALL those biting insects really love me. The bed had to be changed! I was going to rest up, but since I had to wash the pillow cases, I went ahead and washed the sheets from both beds! Then I just went ahead and did the laundry! I’ll sleep in Today! (Yes, I typed this yesterday!)

While my baby sister was here, we went and did very minor tourist things here in NC. Wish she were here longer and not with this Bus Trip planned…would have had more time to go and see more great places. She also made a trip to Jacksonville to visit a good friend of her son. She left last Thursday, spent the evening and returned here last Friday. Those 2 days, cut out a chunk of time…but she said she would be here again and we can then go to the Beaches, Pirate Museum, the Islands with the wild horses and all the other fun places to go here…there just wasn’t enough time to really show her much.

I did take her to the Fossil Museum here, in Aurora, NC. Great time…she won an ornament for being the first visitor from RI, this year! It was a flat, round brass ornament, with the Fossil Museum and the state bannered across the front! Cute! I don’t think the Fossil Museum was her thing, but the ‘Win’, made it fun!

On another day we went downtown and shopped a bit. We both found a great little boutique. We had fun trying things on and then we both spent a little more than planned, but hey, we only live once!

The big thing was the Bus Trip for the Garden Club to Raleigh, NC to Plant Delights, Juniper Level Botanical Gardens. It is an annual trip for the Garden Club members to take to a Gardening Place, a stop for Lunch, and then, SHOPPING!

Plant Delights, Juniper Level Botanical Gardens is a large Nursery of Perennial Plants.They also gather, an eclectic array of almost extinct plants, and get them growing and propagating again to save the species…especially the local species of plants, almost gone forever. Many landscaped areas to tour and get great ideas for your garden/back yard. We were also able to purchase plants to take home too. They gave us all catalogs in which there is a map of the Gardens to use to see everything. You can also order from the catalog, they ship!

We then went to lunch at ‘The State Farmer’s Market Restaurant’…yum!

We then went across the street to the State’s Farmer’s Market. There was so much to see there! My sister and I stuck to one building that was covered and very shaded. We also did a wine tasting test there for the Chapel Hill Wineries! Yup! We bought 3 bottles of wine each! We made trek back to the awaiting BUS…it was VERY HOT in Raleigh. Mr. Hubster said it was just as HOT here in New Bern.

On our way back home, we stopped at another place called DeWayne’s in Selma, NC. I love this place! It is a great combo of nursery, garden doodads, and boutique items to shop, for gardening or just local items of foods, clothing, and many other things! Also it is Air-Conditioned! A plus for me! I usually visit this place around Christmas. A small group of us go to the Rudy Theatre for it’s annual Christmas Show. A great, clean show of Christmas songs!

It was a lot of work this year preparing and executing this trip to Raleigh, especially during a long stretch of heat here in NC. And the heat up there in Raleigh was taxing. It seem to call for more things to do to make things run smoothly this year, as opposed to last year. One factor though, the heat did make people stay on schedule! They made tracks quickly back to the “air-conditioned” bus! We were good, as far as time!!!

I have been elected to be the President of the Garden Club for 2019-2020 year. I hope I can run this as well as the previous President. As you read this, I will be meeting with her today. She will go over all that I need to know, and what I need to do right away. I will be installed at our next meeting on June 10th. The Garden Club will be on ‘vacation’ till our September Meeting. I have a few things I need to do during that time…ie…seeing which people will be coming back for the respective Committees. I will need to see if I can get replacements. Also going to the bank and getting my signature on file, meeting with the POA and getting the rooms reserved for our meetings, both the board meeting and the Members meeting. She is going to give me a thumb drive with ALL the forms I will need for the Board and Member Meetings and the Committee Forms too! I will meet her at 10am at her home. Pray for me Folks, I  am very nervous…this is the first I have ever been a President of anything! I pray a smooth year! I also am going to have to find someone to head up the Bus Trip for next year…I will be busy with other things!

I will be back in the Craft Room, later today and Friday to catch up with all the Challenges!

Until the next Post…Blessings and Gratitude to you ALL!



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