Been Very Busy…

Hello All! So sorry I have been MIA…Some times the days just get ahead of you and it seems like you can’t catch up!

I have been cleaning out my Craft room for a Community ‘Parking Lot’ Sale, Saturday Morning!

This Week Started off busy!

Monday-Big News! Ordered all the new Storage for Ink Pads and Markers and Blends from Stampin’Up! Started making room for the new storage…started pricing retired and unused items for Sale at the Community Parking Lot Sale on Saturday. I figured it can help pay for the NEW Storage items! Pictures will be forth coming!

Tuesday-Board Meeting for the Garden Club-I am the Co-Chair for the Annual Bus Trip. Stopped at the POA Office, after the meeting and paid for a spot in the ‘Parking Lot Sale’, then home to clean and sort the Craft room for the Parking Lot Sale! I found more stuff to put in the sale! I also did my laundry while packing/pricing the items for the sale.

Wednesday-Order came in (WhooHoo! I did splurge and paid for the 2-day delivery!) I set up new storage system. Part of that was ordering the new Ink Pads, the old ones won’t fit in the New Storage. Also got prepped for my Stamp Class…I also packed my Car with the items for sale…the class was to get first crack at the items for sale!!! They did and I sold some items! We then made Easter Cards! The class was fast…only 2 ladies could make it. So we made 3 Cards each!

Thursday-Went to Lunch with a Friend who is moving to Colorado. Going to miss that lady much! Grete was the first person to make me feel welcome here in NC! God go with her…she is moving close to her Grand’s! We ALL will miss her here. She worked at the local ‘Tuesday Morning’ store here and I know they will miss her! She was a great worker! After lunch, went to bank for change for Saturday, went to Wal-Mart for some items, came home made dinner and then went to my church knitting group get together. We all pray together for people at church and people we all know.

Friday-Making Father’s Day Cards to sell at the ‘Parking Lot Sale’. Went to dinner with Mr. Hubster, we did Chinese Buffet this week! We came home and I finished the Father’s Day Cards and then made a couple of Mother’s Day Cards too!  Writing the Blog!

Saturday-Today! The Parking Lot Sale! I hope it goes well. I will let you know!

Sunday-Church…I have to go in early, I am working the greeting/visitors desk for the first service. I’ll come home and either clean my house or do laundry, again!

Monday- the Garden Meeting (not a board meeting) we will learn about good insects in the Garden. Then I will sit and read my Bible Study Book. I have been sidetracked with the Parking Lot Sale Prep!

Tuesday-Women’s Bible Study, I have to go in earlier to learn how to open up the church…I will be given keys and the ‘code’…I will be leading the next two weeks (two Tuesday’s) the regular leader is going out of town and asked me if I would take it over for her while she is away. I said yes.

Wednesday…Clean my house that needs dusting and vacuuming so bad! Time to do laundry again! I will work on Cards to Post for you all. I will be Posting the Cards we made for the Stamp Class and the Father’s and Mother’s Day Cards I made. Then I will get back to the Blog Challenges!

I have only one thing to say…When I was working 40 hours a week…how in the world did I manage to do all this and work too? I don’t know…I seems I am busier now than before I retired! Oh well, perhaps it will keep me alert? Who knows, I will just be blessed that I can do this!

Until the next Post…Blessings and Love to you ALL!

Let me know what you think!