Happy New Year!

Hello All!


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The Holiday’s here were more eventful then expected.

Since Thanksgiving, our family has been in an upheaval

since my SIL started seizures and was diagnosed with a

malignant brain tumor. She started treatment and was doing ok till

last Saturday…she is in the hospital again with more seizures and my

poor brother is beside himself. He is so afraid of losing her. He loves her much.

We also lost our heating-A/C unit the Friday before Christmas…had a couple of real

cold days…but he got the heat on last Friday and will be back this Thursday to hook up

the new duct work and connect the A/C unit (it’s set up, just needs to be connected).

So, yesterday, I am doing laundry, and I happen to look out into the garage and there is

water in garage…when they turned off the gas to hook up the heater, they had to

re-light the hot water tank…well, when the guy did…he set the temp too high on the tank

and the release valve did just that, released the pressure, all over the garage!

Mr. Hubster turned the temp down and finally the temp regulated and the spewing

of water stopped! What a mess…after I type this, going into garage and wet vacuuming

what I can, to clean up…!

All that aside…do any of you make New Year’s Resolutions?

I do, but it is always the same and I never stick to a diet!!!

I am going to try the Whole30 again…it is a healthy plan of eating.

Nothing processed, all whole and Fresh!

Going to be honest, there are several food restrictions, but so much more

healthy to choose from…wish me luck!

What I may do is keep my progress posted here for you too!

Therefore, there is my accountability for the plan!

If you want to know about the plan…go to Whole30.com

check it out!

I am going to get into my Craft Room after the clean-up and get back to doing what

I LOVE…Card Making! I have a class on Wednesday and need to finish getting the cards

packaged for my class members!


Until the next Post…New Years Blessings to you ALL!


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