And the Rush is On…!


Hello All!


Sorry I’ve been MIA…I thought I did good getting my

shopping, wrapping, and boxed to mail stuff done. I have…

but I forgot about the card writing and sending, Which got done

but I have yet to mail my Packages!!! Maybe tomorrow!

Why is it that all the Medical ‘Stuff’ comes in the month

of December, mixed in with all the Christmas ‘Stuff” too?

I have 3 more Medical Appointment Stuff left this month,

and my car is scheduled for its checkup!

 I have a rescheduled Christmas Show to go to!

Oh! I am also going to a Craft Show this weekend,

my Niece came into town two weeks ago and

we went to a Craft show then, too!

In between all this ‘Stuff’ going on,

I have been working on a few cards!

I’ll Post them when all are done!

Mr. Hubster is getting a big laugh that

 I have to get up WAY earlier to make

all the appointments!

The ‘Up’ side is next Thursday, I’ll get to sleep in!

 The only thing I have after Wednesday is

the Christmas Service at Church

on the 24th, from 6pm-7pm!

That’s in the evening!

I am looking forward to that!

It kind of puts into perspective what this Season

is really about…the Birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ!


Deep Breath and Focus…Thank you Lord!

Until the Next Post…Blessings and Peace be to you ALL!

Let me know what you think!