I’ll Be Back…

Hello Friends!

I have been MIA here for a couple of days…I will get back to working in the Craft Room and will share some more Cards with you soon, perhaps in a day or two.

I will get going soon, just got tied up with getting things done here around my home. I still haven’t decorated…I usually wait till Dec 1st…but while I’m on down time…maybe sooner!

I have a few dates coming up with activities here in the Harbour that are connected to the Garden Club and I must be there for them! I will share with you what those activities are when they happen! I will take pics! One is a Parade, here in the Harbour (shorter route this year because of all the Hurricane damage, still have blocked streets with household and construction garbage!) The other is a trip to Selma for a Christmas Show with a few of the ladies from the Garden Club! This is an Annual Trip for the gals!

I also am head of the Committee for the Annual Bus Trip. We already have the place to visit for the Garden Club aspect!!!! Now I need to take another trip to Gardner to find a place to eat and a place to shop, after our tour of the Gardens!

Keeping busy and loving it…

Until the next Post…Blessings and Happy Decorating to you ALL!


Let me know what you think!