Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello Everyone!


My Thanksgiving Prayer….

Dear Lord,

Today and Everyday, I am Thankful…

First… for your Love for us ALL! A Love so great, you sent your only Son to die for us, so that we would be able to share eternity with you!

Second…for my lessons learned from the 2 people you gave me and my siblings, for Parents! We miss them much, we ask a big hug to them from us all.

Third…My Husband. Thank you for sending my a man who cares. I pray Lord, you touch his body and heal it from his ‘issues’!

Fourth…my Step-Children, who I love as if my own. Bless them both and keep them from harm. Bless them to help each other out. Bless them for their get together today!

Fifth…My Grand-Children, what a real blessing there Lord! Thank you for teaching unconditional Love from them to us. I now know what that Love is, Lord! It is the same Love you have for all of us, who believe and love you back!

Sixth…my siblings and ‘in-laws’ and ‘out-laws’ (private titles!) Thank you for keeping them in your care. Recently Lord, we Thank you for bringing Anita through a difficult health crisis. We pray Lord, you be with her through the rest of her healing process and send those, who know you well, to minister to her and my brother! Thank you Lord!

Seventh…Thank you for the nearest and dearest Friends we have. Lord I ask blessings, healings, support, and comfort for them all too! Thank you for the times of our lives that you have placed them into, when you wanted us to learn and learn from them too! Thank you for those great friends!

Lord, we Thank you and ask those Blessings, in the name of your Beloved Son, Jesus. Amen.

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