Returning Home

Hello All!

Apologies for the MIA status.

Mr. Hubster and I evacuated to to sister’s house in WV to escape

 Hurricane Florence.

we are leaving this am to make the trip back home.

thanking the Lord that we are blessed to have family to go to,

blessed that a friends son checked on our home and all was good!

Thank you Lord for your protection of our home.

We just ask for prayers for traveling mercies.

It is our understanding that some homes were damaged by the storm.

We ask prayers for them as they go through clean up and repair.

Thank you for your loyalty and most of all, your understanding

of the situation.

I will be posting again, once I get our clean up done and life gets back to normal!

A big shout out to my sister Michele and her husband Joe, for all you did for our

safety and shelter. We were jokingly calling her home the

North Carolina Refugee Camp!

Saturday we had an impromptu cook out and birthday party celebration for

my sister Michele. Her birthday is next Monday…everyone was together, so we

celebrated her day…it was great to see everyone!

Until the next Post…Count your many Blessings, thank God, for all he has given you,

and hug those family members tight! God is good and Life is good!

Blessings and Love to you ALL!


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