Sorry, I’ve Been MIA…

Hello Everyone, I did not drop off the face of the earth…Recouping from my Sister’s Week up in RI…lots to do since being back…housecleaning, laundry, shopping, taking care of  hubby, and most important, resting from a whirlwind week of late nights! (into early a.m.’s!) I have been busy catching up with my home front and have yet to see the Craft Room, except to make up the card kits for my Card Class on Wednesday the 12th! I did go to swim class 2 mornings, but I am tired. I am taking today off to write this and make a trek to the market for Hurricane survival stuff.

I have also done some putting away of an order I received while gone…I am getting ready to hit the Craft Room, but now, my focus is preparing for the possible Hurricane Florence…looks like we are smack dab in the line of fire…I will get back to all of you when the air clears!

Thanks for hanging in there and I will see you when all is set and I have time to play, and not just work…PS…I must mention that Mr. Hubster was alone while I was gone…He did good at keeping things picked up, but you all know how that can be!!!! Oh Well, he excels in other things! He’s still a keeper! Had to take him to Urgent Care, to address a spider bite that just didn’t look good at all…he is now taking an antibiotic!

Until my next Post…Blessings and Calmness to you ALL!


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