One Make and Take from the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo!

Hello Friends!

Today I am going to show you one of the “Make and Take’ Kits I picked

up at the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo I attended June 22-23, just past!

We hit the Pinecone Press booth and on a side table the had this kit for Sale!

Normally they are $6.00 each, but their ‘show special’ was &5.00 for this kit!

Well you know that was a snag for me! $5.00 for a kit that makes 6 Cards!!

How can you lose?


Here is a picture of the ‘visual instructions’!



The upper left corner shows how to cut the 12 x 12 sheet of designs.

You make the 6 Cards from these cut-outs!


Here is a close-up of the instruction insert, with the diagram of

how to make the cut-outs from the sheet, and which Card

uses the cut-out images!



The following Cards are out of order, but you can refer to them

from the insert instructions!


Here is Card #4 per the diagram insert!



Card #6



Card #5



Card #3



Card #1



Card #2



The next day, we went back to the booth again…I picked up another one of these kits!

Yup, I made 2 sets of these!

We checked back again, just before we left, and I picked up a different

Make & Take!

Tomorrow, I will show you the different Make & Take!


Until the next Post…Blessings and Love to you ALL!

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