20 Cards from the Card Swap at the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo!

Hello Everyone!

Do you remember me telling you about the Card Swap,

I entered into for the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo?

We all had to make 21 Card for Swapping…One for the sponsor,

and 20 Cards to Swap. I made my 21 and made it to the swap!

All but one of my 20 were picked…evidently that is good!


To refresh your Memory…Here was my Card!



There were 38 card makers that swapped cards!

That means I had to leave 18 good cards behind!

It was a tough decision to decide which cards to take and which to let go…in the end, it all worked out and those that had theirs left were giving them away! We were first asked to take a walk around and peek at all the cards and then we were to put our ticket stub beside the card that most stood out to us…like a vote for the best…I didn’t get any, but being my first time ever doing this…most of my cards were gone! I wasn’t voted on, but they did get taken by others! I can live with that!

The following Cards are the 20 Cards I selected to take!

Card #1

A round scallop Card!


Card #2

Love this ‘city scape’!


Card #3

A great old-fashioned DIVA Birthday Card!


Card #4

A great Summer wishes Card!


Card #5

And embossed Thank you!


Card #6

Another Birthday Card! Masculine!


Card #7

A sweet feminine Birthday Card!


Card #8

A great Birthday Card!



Card #9

Another Birthday Card!



Card #10

An encouraging Card!



Card #11

Love this! Another DIVA Card! Fabulous!


Card #12

This card opens from the left, the front panel opens to show your message.


Card #13

Can’t forget the 4th of July! I am going to redo the inside…

…my baby brother’s birthday is July 3rd!

Something different!



Card #14

This card is 5″ x 7″…I made an envelope to fit the card!

I also added the three sequins that look like the bubbles from the fish!




Card #15

The Mermaid Card! Front view…the card measures 6″ x 6″!



Card #15

The inside view!

You can see the ‘belly band’ made to hold the card together…I did trim it

to make the fit a bit snugger than it was before.



Card #16

Front view!



Card #16

With tab pulled, 2 sides slide out!



Card #16

The front flipped up!



Card #16

The back of the Card!


I am loving this stamp…if any of you know who puts it out…I would appreciate you letting me know!


Card #17

I have a weakness for bees!


Card #18

A lovely, simple feminine Birthday!


Card #19

I loved this little box! The box was free-hand drawn and the tissue is

cut and folded remnants of party cocktail napkins!



Card # 20

The Apron Card…a great masculine Card!


I hope you enjoyed seeing these!

I am working on stamping the insides of each of the cards that are blank!

The larger cards, I had to use the Envelope Punching Board

to make the envelopes for those 2 cards!

Until the next Post…Blessings and great swapping to you ALL!

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